Empower every member of your IT team to deliver high-quality software releases.

DevOps Suite includes the following


    End-to-End Functionality

DevOps Suite provides your personnel with the tools they need at every stage of the life cycle. From updating technical documentation to validating code and automatically deploying components into Production, DevOps Suite enables your IT teams to develop, test and release high-quality software, faster.




  • Reverse documentation of Operations components



  • Assisted input of the software-release folder


              JCL Checker

  • Validation of test JCL



  • Identification of application programs to optimize

 Quality Assurance



  • Reverse documentation and auditing of components in the Quality Assurance, Qualification, and Pre-Production environments



  • Generation of technical and/or applicative JCL

  • Simplified input of scheduling definitions

                     JCL Checker

  • JCL validation for the environments of Quality Assurance, Qualification, etc.



  • Predicts the impact of new versions of Jobs on performance and execution context




  • Reverse documentation and auditing of Operations  components




  • Automatic deployment of Production components


                   JCL Checker

  • JCL validation for Production environments


  • Visualization of the previous day's Production plan

  • Middle- or long-term analysis of Job executions

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