Blocking an identifier  (extraction)

Additional Features

Solution Advantages

  • Guarantees 100% error-free technical results

  • Ensures strict adherence to the lifecycle

  • Inserts processes according to your standards

  • Easily creates reports and analyses based on cross-references

Significantly Reduce Manual Input and Associated Costs

As a project moves through the different stages of the deployment lifecycle, the advantages of using E-GEN become more and more evident.


Thanks to the software’s ability to generate technical materials from functional descriptions, the information needed to make changes is much less complex.


The solution eliminates the need for making manual changes to each target environment. E-GEN automatically performs the adjustments.


Only information appropriate to a user’s level of responsibility is requested, and the responsibilities of every user are fully configurable–you decide the types of objects that they handle and where they intervene in the lifecycle.

Automatically generate and deploy batch and Operations components.

Manage your files with greater ease

Streamline batch-workflow changes

E-GEN effectively eliminates many of the roadblocks preventing successful, on-time software deployments. The solution uses functional descriptions and your company’s in-house rules to automate release management.

E-GEN automatically creates any type of script, JCL, scheduler input and other components to greatly simplify batch-workflow changes.

The software produces all of the necessary technical documentation, updating everything from RFCs to run books. With our solution, your company can achieve maximum efficiency in the management of its software releases.

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