Analyze, manage and store SMF data, using only a minimum of mainframe resources.

Easily Understand and Manage SMF Records

By extracting, sorting and merging relevant SMF records into logical job groupings, eSMF provides a simple yet complete way of tracking all z/OS-executed processes. The software identifies every step performed during every production run, then collects this data and consolidates it into a clear, detailed and publishable format. The solution's archiving capabilities make it practical to store years of SMF records.

eSMF's dashboards provide analytics, and show performance trends. The solution provides all the mission-critical information that matters, organised in the format that is most useful to your users.

Solution Advantages

eSMF's benefits aren't limited to its intuitive interface or how easy it is to create custom reports. The software offers numerous advantages:

  • A simple way to manage and archive SMF data

  • Multiple ways of formatting information

  • Designed for centralized or individual use

  • Produces statistics, charts and fully indexed reports

Handling file status

Usersʼ Search Options

Personalized Dashboards for Every User Group

eSMF’s customizable dashboards make it easy for your end-users. Your Operations specialists can choose what SMF data to access, when to see it and how to format it.

Jobs Description

eSMF Function

Operations Monitoring



Since the bulk of eSMF’s data processing takes place on an open-platform server, the software requires only a minimum of your mainframe’s processing resources. Managing SMF data has never been easier

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