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Our JCL & Scheduling integration project within E-GEN was completed in 2013.

Context: This project is part of the removal for obsolescence and dependency reasons of a house generator written in assembler and planning management outside the z / OS tool.

The migration has allowed to bring new features and improve our operational efficiency:

  • Reduced delivery times of environments.

  •  Facilitated the management of functional and documentary heritage.

  •  Cross references between components.

  •  Industrialised the creation of Run Books.

  •  Object lifecycle management: Staging and Archiving.

  •  Definition of the CA7 scheduling and the entirety of our JCL assets (69,000 jobs).

In 2015, a new project was completed to extend the use of EGEN to the Development population.


  • To automatize the creation of the “Request for Change” document.

  • To offer an access to the Production repository.

  • To improve the visibility of releases to the ISD.

  • To facilitate communication between the Development and Operation teams.

  • To standardize the tests.

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