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Industrializes and Revolutionizes

Release Management


What is E-GEN?


E-GEN effectively eliminates many of the roadblocks preventing successful, on-time software deployments. The solution uses functional descriptions and your company’s in-house rules to automate release management.

E-GEN automatically creates any type of script, JCL, scheduler input and other components to greatly simplify batch-workflow changes.


The software produces all of the necessary technical documentation, updating everything from RFCs to run books. With our solution, your company can achieve maximum efficiency in the management of its software releases.


Automatically generates and deploys batch and operations components.

What are the benefits of E-GEN?

Offers end-to-end enforcement of norms and standards​

Guarantees 100% error-free technical results

Precise tracking
demands of change

Ensures strict adherence

to the lifecycle​

Clearly defines user roles and responsibilities

Inserts processes according to your standards

Automatically makes adjustments for each targeted environment

Creating reports
and analysis based
cross references

E-GEN's End-to-End Benefits

By completely automating the software release process from the developer’s RFC document to deployment, E-GEN offers your IT department a significant boost in productivity.

Collaboration between IT teams improves, workflows are smoother and implementations happen faster. E-GEN makes sure that all changes completely comply with your company’s internal norms and standards.


  • Centralizes functional updates required by Operations teams

  • Aids during the test cycle by generating materials (script, JCL,DOC,XML, etc.)

  • Provides an easy way of tracking changes.

  • Simplifies monitoring of deployed components.


Quality Assurance

  • Checks and validates release-management packages sent by Development. Produces customized materials needed to validate in QA. 

  • Checks and updates all components impacted by a change. Generates the exact materials required for each targeted production environment.


  • Become "people independent" ensures that generated materials are free of technical errors.

  • Manages and centralizes Operations standards and the tools used.

  • Plans update processes in production.

  • Keeps run books and other documentation up-to-date. 


Significantly Reduce Manual Input and Associated Costs

As a project moves through the different stages of the deployment lifecycle, the advantages of using E-GEN become more and more evident.


Thanks to the software’s ability to generate technical materials from functional descriptions, the information needed to make changes is much less complex.


The solution eliminates the need for making manual changes to each target environment. E-GEN automatically performs the adjustments.


Only information corresponding to a user’s level of responsibility is requested, and the responsibilities of every user are fully configurable–you decide the types of objects that they handle and where they intervene in the lifecycle.

ISC-Graphique-E-GEN VEN.png

E-GEN increases efficiency during every lifecycle stage, but its benefits are most apparent during QA and Operations.

Bridge the Gap between Development and Operations

E-GEN eliminates the uncertainty in software releases. 

By creating a transparent change process, the solution ensures that your DevOps teams have an immediate understanding of the overall impact of a requested change. Personnel won’t waste time wondering who ordered a change, what purpose it serves, or when it will be ready for production release.

What are the key features of E-GEN?

During installation, your company’s existing operations data is structured and archived into a secure, central repository.This repository automatically manages the information of hundreds of thousands of scheduling descriptions, batch and associated components.


Based on a client-server architecture, the E-GEN server works from the staging environment to industrialize change management in accordance to your business’s in-house rules.

The E-GEN server is available in Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux and z/OS environments, with end users working in a Windows environment.

Compatible with UNIX, Linux, Windows and z/OS

Exports to Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, PDF and HTML5

Features an advanced request and reporting engine

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