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Scheduler migrations

Migrate any type of scheduler thanks to the wide variety of software ISC has to offer.

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Our team is always looking to find the best approach for you and crafts solutions based on your every needs.

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Services and training programe

L'association de notre expérience et de nos logiciels

Drawing on our extensive experience in Information Systems and software development, we can support you in all your IT Production modernization projects and challenges. Whether you need to renormalize existing systems, migrate tools (schedulers, file sinks, change managers, etc.) or platforms, we offer a range of services and specialized software to help you achieve your goals.  


• E-GEN integration into DevOps toolchains for managing production artefacts: scheduling, jobs, JCL, scripts, etc.     
Lower production delivery costs,     
Compliance with IS norms, standards and best practices,     
Simplified scalability,             
Skills management.
• Mass standardization of components, file names, resources, dependencies, etc...



• Schedulers migration: IWS, CA7, Control-M, Autosys, Cortex PLAN, Automic, $Universe, Opcon, etc...
• Migration of z/OS file sinks (Pactial/PSE, AsG SYNC, ISPOOL) to eFILE,
• Merge jobs for automatic instantiation (by entity, till, store, environment, etc.) when changes are initiated via E-GEN.



• Migration of z/OS batch processing and scheduling to Open, Cloud or emulated environments.
• Mapping and impact analysis in preparation for z/OS to Open migration projects.
• Analysis of REXX and in-house developments to implement alternatives (software or scripting).

• Batch and scheduling audit and analysis,
• IWS, ZWS, HWA, JCL and ISC software training,
• Assistance with IWS, ZWS and HWA installation and upgrades.

  • Scheduler migrations (CA7, Control-M, Cortex PLAN to ZWS, $Universe to Control-M, ZWS to IWS, etc.).

  • Integration of an application previously scheduled by CA-7 into a ZWS Production with renormalization.

  • Mass renormalization of resources and dependencies in a Control-M Production.

  • Merge jobs with renormalization of file names, to obtain objects that can be automatically declined by E-GEN.

  • Mapping and impact analysis in preparation for a z/OS to Open migration project.

  • Integration of the Developers into the Production component lifecycle via E-GEN, with CI/CD interactions via API.

  • Replacement of z/OS Endevor deployments by E-GEN.


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