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Mainframe & Multiplatform Solution

ISC's flagship solution offers rapid, efficient,

and completely automatic application deliveries by taking into account the constraints of the development and production teams.

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Mainframe & Multiplatform Solution

Our data cross-referencing software
effectively audits, analyzes, and generates
reverse documentation of IT systems.

Mainframe Software

A new file sink for management

easier file exchange between batch processes.


Mainframe Software

AGENT & iPACK simplifies the exchange of files on z/OS through heterogeneous platforms and frees you from your z/OS consumption fees.

ISC presents a new product

uWME (Universal Workload Migration Engine)

a functional abstraction engine specialized in scheduler migration. It easily adapts to all solutions on the market.

Mainframe Software

JCL Checker, rapidly and
efficiently, finds and reports
all JCL-related problems.


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