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Find and resolve JCL flaws
for an error-free production run

What is JCL Checker?

JCL Checker is the ideal JCL validation tool. It ensures the optimal use of your production department’s time and resources by providing early detection of all JCL-related problems. The software efficiently checks JCL for syntax errors, and reports everything from missing data sets to program existence long before the code is submitted for execution.

The solution has powerful, high-speed capabilities that easily automate the JCL verification process. It helps ensure correctly formatted JCL. It also enforces in-house norms and standards with minimal wasted effort on the part of your IT team.

What are the benefits of JCL Checker?

Precise analysis and reporting capabilities make it easy to find and fix JCL errors​

Eliminates costly processing delays resulting from JCL-related problems​

Ensures that the Production environment is error-free, standardized and optimized

Affordable JCL validation tool with a high Return on Investment

What are the key features of JCL Checker ?


JCL Checker routinely test for:


Syntax and Typographic Errors
Interprets jobs in the same manner in which they would be by z/OS, JES2 and JES3

Data Sets
Logic and name validation of high-level qualifiers and aliases, job dependencies by data set, and the existence and availability of data sets

Resolving variables

Solves the JCL variables and parameters while expanding Procedures and Includes

Data set authorization
Authorization to make changes verified with the z/OS SAF interface and installed security components

SMS parameters in the DD statement are checked against active definitions

Validate the instream control statements of IBM utilities (AMS, DFDSS, DFSORT).

Program Existence

Reports their location in STEPLIBS, JOBLIBS, LINKLISTS and LPA

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