Know the exact definitions of your batch components, displayed in your users' preferred format.

Take the guesswork out of IT Operations
Software Functions

Customized, with hyperlinks

Controls for norms and standards

Results displayed as graphs, diagrams, charts & more

Advanced request engine performs detailed searches

Data modeling shows the relationships between objects. Cross references are available for any repository object, in any display mode. 

Analyzes sources & target parameters, how systems interact

Shows how modifications will impact other objects

Audit and Analysis

iCAN rapidly finds the information for comprehensive technical analyses and audits. Once you’ve entered your search criteria, iCAN’s request engine uses data modeling to respond to your query. Users can easily cross reference data from various systems.

The solution displays the cross-references for any object in any display mode. Search results can also be included in the repository in the form of new objects to create new requests.

User-centered Design



With a single click, users choose how to format their data reporting.  

The software creates reports, diagrams, flowcharts and more, without requiring any SQL or programming knowledge.


The solution features built-in filters for performing precise, targeted searches.

iCAN is a valuable tool for every member of your IT department. Developers benefit by gaining immediate understanding of how a modification will impact the system.
Operations personnel can rapidly identify missing files and learn why a job was delayed.

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