A fully equipped migration of your workload automation.


Building on its experience in Software development, ISC now accompanies its clients with scheduler migrations, may they might be motivated by a rehosting project or a will to uniformize their workload automation tools.   


Our approach is based on the integration of three of our software products, combining their strengths and  respective functions in order to provide an efficient end-to end migration.


The ability of customization the our customers' specifics, which is the common denominator of the ISC software products, allows us to integrate any additional rule to the migration engine, enabling us to offer an "ISO-functions" transformation of the source scheduler into the target scheduler.

A specialized software for each step 


Principle of operations

A functional approach

Technical and functional tests

The schedulers currently covered



Automic WA 




Control-M (z/OS and Distributed)

IWS (z/OS and Distributed) 


Visual TOM

APM ( z/OS )

APX  ( distributed )


SAP SMC transaction






Another perimeter to process? Its integration in the migration engine is performed within a month after the reception of the extractions and documentation.

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scheduler migration 

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