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Intelligent JCL analysis,management and validation

JCL Checker optimizes batch Operations

JCL Checker is the ideal JCL validation tool. It ensures the optimal use of your production department’s time and resources by providing early detection of all JCL-related problems. The software efficiently checks JCL for syntax errors, and reports everything from missing data sets to program existence long before the code is submitted for execution.

The solution has powerful, high-speed capabilities that easily automate the JCL verification process. It helps ensure correctly formatted JCL. It also enforces in-house norms and standards with minimal wasted effort on the part of your IT team.

Business Value

Standard JCL Checks

Engineered to root out every error in your JCL, the software rapidly scans your Job Control Language for accurate format and content. The state-of-the-art tool offers pre-checks and other options to give users precise control of the JCL validation process.

JCL Checker routinely tests for:

Syntax and Typographic Errors

Symbolic Substitutions


SMS parameters in the DD statement are checked against active definitions

Reports their location in STEPLIBS, JOBLIBS, LINKLISTS and LPA

Program Existence

Data Sets

Data set authorization

Technical Summary



  • Seamlessly integrates with all versions of z/OS V1R13 and higher

  • Available for JES2 and JES3

  • Runs from ISPF or as a batch process

  • Interface with RACF, TSS or ACF2

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